Creating trust

"The strong man is strongest when alone." This quotation from German dramatist Schiller's "Wilhelm Tell" is true of cultural life. Culture can only be accounted for by individual people, even when the economy depends on cultural input. But what Tell has to say does not apply to economic life itself.
The modern divided-labour economy is a system in which everyone is dependent on everyone else. A system which generally can no longer be defined in a state system of concepts. Smaller and larger institutional systems must be able to evolve which ultimately can only be examined from the point of view of global economics.
HUOBER BREZEL as "The brand that makes the sun shine three times" is also aware of this aspect. Everyone can imagine the daily partnerships that are behind our special pretzels and other goods.
Partnerships with grower families, mills, saltworks, raw-material suppliers, utilities, machine producers, with technicians and graphic designers, packaging factories, film and foil printers, distributors, wholesalers, logistics companies, retail sellers, not to mention banks, lawyers' chambers, local administration and authorities etc. And in turn all our partner companies also have their own professional contacts!
But have we not perhaps forgotten another very important area?
The consumers of our pretzels: our customers. They are also partners, and should never be seen only in terms of making turnover and keeping people in jobs. Some customers will also be interested in the special partnerships that are part and parcel of HUOBER BREZEL. Partner organisations and companies which are struggling to put in place a new understanding of the modern world economic organism.

Corporate group

The corporate group for ecological foodstuffs in Erdmannhausen includes the companies HUOBER BREZEL, ErdmannHAUSER and BioGourmet. What all companies have in common is the struggle for the new economic understanding as well as the support for consciously organic agriculture. The work of the three companies here in Erdmannhausen is shaped by the mutual trust in the strengths of the sister companies.