HUOBER Principles


We can learn by experience from Nature. You can experience something developing from a seed, something that was not there before. Experience is the substance of personality. And our goods have this personal character, too.


For something to come to fruition it has to be allowed to grow. Patience with the dough – and also with the people. The dough has to be allowed to rise and the people have to be given the time to achieve sustainable results.


Once we start something, we finish it. And when it seems as if nothing else will work, resolution will lead to imagination thanks to patience and experience: and thus to the maturing of new developments.

Always keeping our principles in mind, we bake pretzels and other specialities every day. In doing so we only use natural raw materials from controlled organic farming. We obtain most of our organic grain from southern Germany. Not because what is important for us is particularly low-priced grain, but because we want to continue to procure goods from our local agricultural sources. For years now we have nurtured partnerships and relations with local mills and millers. Together we see the prices we give the farmers as being our contribution over decades to maintaining and developing farming culture.

In our dough, we use simple ingredients without any additives or baking aids. We have confidence in the experience and capabilities of our employees who go through regular training sessions. Investments only make any sense for us when they improve food safety or facilitate work for our employees. There is not a machine in the world that can replace one of our employees. It is the baker who is responsible for the quality of our products. We do much more than can be prescribed by an EU Eco regulation.